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Johannah Hetherington

I coach women through major life transformations because it is my calling to join the collective of women helping women to change this world. A survivor of chronic child abuse, I myself was once a woman who was convinced I was broken and isolated, with no power to change myself or the circumstances of my life. My misguided convictions shaped my career choices, relationships, and the entire trajectory of my life. In my late forties, I was done with existing this way. I was ready to risk everything for a different life. And certain divine women and men showed up to help guide me into an entirely new perspective of myself and capacities. 


I am here to pay forward the lesson I learned:

Everything you need to change the way you experience your world is within you.

My formal stats: I am a Masters-Educated Registered Nurse licensed in CA, NY, CT, and MA. I am a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, trained by The Nurse Coach Collective. I have been trained in ketamine-assisted therapy by Drs. Phil Wolfson, Bessel van der Kolk, and Ghita Vaid. I am well-versed in Trauma-Informed Care and Internal Family Systems theory, and I utilize both in my coaching work with clients. I have experience in both med-surg and psychiatric nursing but left the bedside this year because I was faced daily with what trauma and disconnection from our human family do to the body, and I could do nothing to help my patients effect true change in their lives. So I headed upstream to help people help themselves change the trajectory of their lives. 

Why a Nurse Coach? Nurses have a scientific background and a deep understanding of how the body and mind interact. We have strong assessment and critical thinking skills. And we know how to listen intently, hold space for others, identify strengths within, and advocate for humans who are in a vulnerable state. Nurses are natural coaches for the body and soul. I am Board-Certified by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation as a Nurse Coach, and I work with any woman (and some men, see FAQ) who is fiercely ready to do this work.

I am here because I finally listened to what my heart was telling me to do and I jumped. I've done extensive internal work that finally led me to make major personal and professional life changes in mid-life. I've been there and I intimately know the struggles I coach women through: Resolving the childhood trauma affecting your life decisions. Parenthood. Divorce. Transitioning into adulthood and then middle-age and beyond. Defining/reclaiming your sexuality. Establishing healthy friendships and relationships that honor your truest self. Major career shifts. Transforming your regrets and chronic frustrations into gratitude, openness, and wonder.


I understand the fears we face when we know we must alter something significant in our lives. I've experienced how lonely, overwhelming, and uncomfortable it can be. And I know that it can be done, with your innate courage and support from the good souls who will show up in your life to help you. I hope to be one of those souls for you.


Trust me: it's wonderful on the other side when you decide your life is worth living there. 

Johannah Hetherington

 “Johannah Hetherington walked right into my life at this serendipitous time when I was at a crossroads in so many places, including my marriage and my career. She’s an intuitive listener who asks just the right questions to nudge me closer to the mirror and look at myself. I also appreciated how she referred back to previous struggles in my life to check-in, and also gave me “homework” to work on the places I needed it the most. Her calm wisdom made me feel safe and cared for. I’m so grateful.”

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