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A triptych is a work of art divided into three sections.

That work of art is your transformative process leading you away from your critical mind towards your internal knowing of who you truly are, of what you wish your life to become.​


My approach to coaching uses the three following unique modalities:  


My mission as a Nurse Coach is to support and empower women through the extraordinary life transformations that their souls are urging them to undergo.


Self-led women are not only happier individuals, but they are able to lead others. This world is waiting for its collective of women to unshackle ourselves and pour our intuition, wisdom, love, and strength into every fissure, crevice, and canyon where divine energy is needed. 

I work with women who are undergoing major life transitions: relationships (beginning, during, and ending); health challenges; new and ongoing parenthood; career evolutions; changes in desires, perspectives, or values; staying in motion through the grieving process; and essentially anything that feels like a wall that seems impossible to scale. Throughout the process, we examine emotions, thoughts, history, behaviors, and choices together, as the presenting "problem" you bring to me is often related to a host of interconnected themes which cannot be addressed without lifting ourselves high off the ground to gain a wide-angle view of what's actually at the center of the distress or desire.


I have been trained in ketamine-assisted therapy by Phil Wolfson, MD, founder of The Ketamine Training Center, and have personal experience in working with this fascinating, adaptive medicine. Education, guidance, preparation, set/setting, and intention are crucial elements to allow this medicine to work as an ally in the journey of working with perception/mood shifts and processing of body-based trauma. I specialize in working with women who are actively undergoing prescribed ketamine-assisted therapy to help you get the most from your experiences and assimilate them into our coaching journey. When done with clear intent and purpose, ketamine can be a powerful catalyst to accessing your internal knowing and moving you through your transformative process with greater efficiency and depth.


I've been a photographer for 23 years and have found that the process of being photographed is often extremely therapeutic for women, especially for those of us who are in midlife and beyond--the time when the world tells us in no uncertain terms that we should hide our age and fade into the background. I say "hell no" to this and use portraiture as a vehicle of vulnerability and tool of empowerment. It requires courage and trust to show up to the camera's lens. The process of coaching requires that you are willing to investigate yourself, all parts. Photography is a profound ally in this process, because it documents your willingness to be seen and gives you informative imagery to work with as you unearth who you are.


With your permission and willingness, we use portraiture (including self-portraiture) during the coaching process to help you explore, honor,  and accept the different parts of yourself. At the end of an extended period of work together (at least 6 months), I offer a formal, intensive film portraiture session to capture who you have transformed into through your courageous coaching work.​​

An extensive portfolio of my heirloom film photography work may be viewed at

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