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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You're a Nurse Coach. Does that mean you work only with nurses?
    Not at all! It means that I have unique skills and training as a nurse that complement the skills of an attuned, investigative, and supportive coach. As a nurse, I understand the physical, mental, and emotional worlds of my clients and how distress shows up in those realms. I am comfortable with people in their most vulnerable states because: a) I'm experienced in being with and reassuring patients struggling with what feels impossible, and b) I know of the inner strength we all possess to move ourselves through challenging processes, because I've had years of witnessing incredible growth in my patients, in myself, and now in my clients. Nurse coaching is a new specialty of nursing and you'll find nurse coaches working in myriad capacities with myriad types of clients. It is relatively easy for someone to become a "life coach." It is a much more complicated process to become a board-certified Nurse Coach. Not only do we have years of nursing training, we must also go through an extensive nurse coaching program and pass a rigorous exam in order to become a board-certified Nurse Coach.
  • Do you work only with cis women? Do you work with men?
    I specialize in working with humans who were raised as a female in our society, mainly because I personally understand what it means to be defined and confined by the expectations placed upon them. But, yes, I absolutely will work with people of differing identities and sexualities if we are a good fit for one another, which we determine from our first hour-long meeting together. I have great compassion for men and the particular burdens they carry from their own upbringings and cultural indoctrinations. I do also work with men if the fit is right and I can meet your coaching needs. Male-identifying clients are chosen carefully on a case-by-case basis. If you feel a connection to my coaching approach, do not hesitate to call me and we'll talk.
  • Do you have a coach?
    Yes, I do. I believe so strongly in this work that I absolutely have my own coach to help me overcome my own barriers and reach my own goals. I would not recommend something I don't do for myself.
  • How is coaching different from psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy is generally about focusing on understanding the past and mapping out the internal psyche, with a focus on honing in on the cognitive understanding of what's created the person you are showing up as in this life. Coaching is about movement forward. It's about helping you to access your inner knowing from a different approach--less talk therapy, more mindfulness- and body-awareness based, deep investigation through inquiry into not what is wrong with you but what you truly feel and want in your core. And coaching is guided by your goals, your realizations, your creativity. And it's intended to help you get from Point A to Point B, to effect actual, tangible change in your life. Psychotherapy and coaching are collaborative approaches that support each other and I love working with clients who utilize both. Their ability to move through transformative processes and reach their goals is supported by their self-awareness.
  • Why can't I schedule one session at a time? Why is your fee structure set up as it is?
    Coaching work needs time to be effective. It is a dynamic process of excavation, and one-time sessions are rarely helpful in supporting clients through major changes. The realizations and goals evolve over time and ongoing support is needed for changes that are going to "stick." I'm not here to simply help you understand what your body and soul are telling you--I am here to help you figure out what to do with that understanding and how to change your life while holding that newly-accessed wisdom. I charge flat monthly rates and require time-boundaried packages--in addition to 90-minute weekly sessions versus the typical 60-minute weekly session--because this is what I find works best for both me and my clients. It gives us enough time to do effective work together and ensure that I hold adequate space for the limited number of clients I can work with at any one time. Please know that I work from a model of "pay it forward." When my practice is full of clients who are resourced supportively enough to commit to this work, I am able to hold space open for clients who are less well-resourced. This model is my way of supporting all women and the sharing of our time and resources to build each other up.
  • Can you guarantee the results I want?
    No. Because coaching work is about facilitating YOUR knowing, YOUR choices, YOUR goals. Only you can change you. I'm a catalyst in this process, as well as your greatest cheerleader. I am here to help you find it within yourself to scale your mountain and transform your life. We need the right people to help us through this, because it is a monumental feat to change entrenched beliefs and habits (if change wasn't so difficult, more of us would do it). Change can be painful, hard, uncomfortable, vulnerable, scary. It takes courage and a ton of support and guidance to re-direct our lives. I CAN guarantee that if you show up to this process and play full-out during the coaching experience, you will find your way to a very different life. Your drive and determination are key to your success. My belief in you is unconditional. My hand will be at your back every step of the way.
  • What age range do you work with?
    Although my interests lie strongly in women in mid-life, I work with people of any age who have the interest in, capacity, and maturity to benefit from transformative coaching.
  • If I live in a different state, when would I see you in person?
    Because I work with clients in 4 different states--MA, CT, NY, and CA--we will work together often on Zoom and arrange in-person meetings on a case-by-case basis. Of note, I travel to CA from MA several times a year to meet with clients and to offer the portraiture component of my coaching work.
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